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Mega resorts, man-made islands, huge shopping centers and breathtaking architecture, both modern and ancient, Dubai is actually a jewel in the Arabian Desert.
Dubai's economy was built on the oil industry. However, when the source expired, the city changed its focus on tourism trade. With the many attractions present in the ancient and modern world, it is not surprising that Dubai soon took its rightful place as one of the world's most important cities.
Dubai takes architectural design at a new level, and is known for skyscrapers and ambitious construction projects. House for rich collection of architectural building styles, Dubai celebrates traditional Middle Eastern architecture with modern modern style.
Dubai Creek, is known as a bamboo on a traditional water taxi for a trip along the city's waterway, or perhaps book in Dhow Cruise, which runs during day and night, which illuminated the city of Dubai. Demonstrates beautiful light.

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Dubai Trip

Dubai has become a famous tourist destination in the world due to its skyscrapers, high buildings and hot hospitality.

Abu Dhabi Trip

Abu Dhabi is the capital and second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. It is the world’s 68th most expensive big city.

Desert Safari

Anyone visiting Dubai should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the best of Desert Safari in Dubai.

Dubai Aquarium

Located in Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium is a charm that is educational and entertaining for both adults and children because...

Dubai Creek

This is used for a long time as a commercial vehicle, which revolves along the shores...

Ski Dubai Snow

Ski Dubai Park offers guests with unique experience in being able to ski and enjoy other fun winter activities in indoor settings.

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